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In the ideation phase, visual design focuses on the overall look and feel. During production, we design all aspects of the project in detail. Assets are designed as deconstructed elements such as additional pages or screens, user interface elements like buttons and icons, system states and transitions. The design is developed and implemented in accordance with a specific set of technical requirements. Front-end development translates the UI/UX and visual designs into working code for the web. By combining mark-up (HTML), style (CSS) and interactivity (JavaScript), the front-end serves the user interface to the user. Code is written to work cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device. The code communicates with the back-end/server to retrieve data. All user interaction takes place at the front-end. This has a high impact on the overall user experience in regards to usability, accessibility and perceived performance.
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Casa Porte - Interior Doors
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